Saturday, October 01, 2005

Welcome, 80's Music Fans

After years of running 80s Music Central, I have decided to make bigger effort in answering a lot of those questions you've been sending me (or have been thinking of sending me.) Sure, people want to know "who does this song..." or "what ever happened to..." and I'm sure you'll find a few doozies. If you have a question on your mind, just send an e-mail to an80snut @ with "Ask An80sNut" in the subject line (that way we won't think it's spam.)

If it does happen to be one of those 'lost songs', please try to provide as much information as possible including: male/female vocalist, music style (dance, rap, punk, metal, alternative, pop...), approximate timeframe, how you heard it, any lyrics you remember and anything that stands out in the song. I hope to post questions with responses at least once a week and possibly ease some troubled minds.

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