Saturday, November 24, 2007

EPISODE48 - Talking 80s Music with Martin Hennessy

This week we decided to take you back a little to visit Toronto's Honeymoon Suite. We skipped their biggest hit, "Feel It Again," but played their first big single "New Girl Now" and "What Does It Take" from their follow-up album (heck, it appeared in the film One Crazy Summer.) We got a little further ahead of ourselves and mentioned some possible upcoming episodes.

With the help of Ryan, we tested a possible new show segment, 80's Alternative, where he asks fans an either/or question. This week.... more inspiring drummer: Keith Moon or Neil Peart. Disagree/agree with our choices? Send an email to the mentioned address or even a comment here.

We also announced our listener/reader poll for best 80's Christmas song. We listed many options (and I know there are tons more) and our scoring system gives an advantage (doubles their vote) to people in the chat room or ones that call in with their picks. Emails (to the address mentioned in the podcast) will be taken and only one vote will be taken per person. At the end of the day (ok, on the Dec. 22nd episode) the top 3 will be announced played on the show. Now you can honestly rock the vote.

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