Saturday, August 16, 2008

EPISODE86 - Talking 80s Music with Martin Hennessy

Out of 85 shows before this one, you'd think we would have focused on at least one female country vocalist. We remedied it here with Crystal Gayle and the recent reissue of many of her albums in 2-for-1 sets (Miss The Mississippi/These Days, Hollywood, Tennessee/True Love, Cage The Songbird/Nobody Wants To Be Alone and Straight To The Heart/Nobody's Angel.) We featured songs ("Too Many Lovers," "Baby, What About You," "The Sound Of Goodbye" and "Straight To The Heart") from each of the 4 sets during this episode. For a singer with 52 singles on the Billboard Country Charts (34 in the Top 10 and 18 #1's), she sure doesn't get talked about much.

Exciting to see all the new faces in the chat room. We talked with a lot of different people at the New Media Expo 2008 during two days prior to the show and soaked in a lot of info. It has also been decided that we will be throwing a question out to you each week and ask you to post your replies here. You can also drop us a line on Twitter.

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