Saturday, January 10, 2009

EPISODE107 - Talking 80s Music with Martin Hennessy

We really didn't plan too far ahead for this week's episode of Talking 80s Music. We were still drinking the eggnog. But in a moment of sobriety, the thought of talking about record label rollercoasters came up. So this week we will feature music ("Somewhere In The Night," "Hungry Stranger" and their hit "What Do All The People Know") from The Monroes' 1982 self-titled EP. It is an intriguing story but it also seems to hit on a lot of topics we've covered in the past ("one-hit wonders," "record labels" and "regional hits") which just makes sense for our show.

Aaron mentioned something during the show that made perfect sense. Listen to the first two songs and think... Bob Seger. It is pretty hard to escape. Had a great time during the show. Mentioned a few of the things we have coming up. Martin heads to Sacramento on Feb. 7th for his grandmother's 90th birthday. So, the show will not be live. We are working out the technical details but, most likely, we will be uploading that episode early on Saturday or the previous night. We also announced our Facebook application, 80s Music Icons, which will be an ongoing project as we continue to add at least 2 new artists every month until it screams for mercy. You can also find our Facebook group there.

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