Saturday, February 28, 2009

EPISODE114 - Talking 80s Music with Martin Hennessy

This week we talked with pop/rock singer-songwriter Dwight Twilley about his career and his upcoming Gigatone Entertainment releases. We featured one of our retrospective mixes as well as samples of the songs "Runnin'" (off of 1999's Tulsa) and "47 Moons" (the title track of his 2005 album) to showcase some of his more recent releases. We literally did catch him after wrapping up the recording of his next studio album, Green Blimp. The one thing that is clear, Twilley Don't Mind making some beautiful new music. Enjoy.

Quite possibly one of the most enjoyable episodes we've had so far and likely the most attended, as there were a lot of people popping into the chat room. Our show has always had three goals: education, enlightenment and entertainment -- in that order. We don't have the time to be the Biography channel but we try to make sure you walk away understanding more about our featured acts than when you heard the show. Enlightenment may be stretching it but we like to open our listeners up to music they may have missed (due to lazy DJs, being born after the 80s, etc.) so they understand more about the thousands of albums released during the decade. We won't profess to being entertaining but the attempt is made and we can only hope to do justice to these performers as an artist advocate.

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