Saturday, June 13, 2009

EPISODE129 - Talking 80s Music with Martin Hennessy

Update episode... What? Well, scheduling conflicts happen. Sometimes we catch a few of our previously featured artists after we do a show about them. This is our first one. So, there will be no music featured this week but we do talk music with former Sheriff and current Alias guitarist Steve DeMarchi. We featured Sheriff in episode #115 and Alias in #117. Both would be well worth catching as this episode will fill in some of the blanks.

Unexpectedly, lost our Internet connection in the middle of the show. So there is a little dead space during the news section in the earliest version. We recovered and it isn't as noticeable as one would think. May be testing some new software out next week and if that works, you may hear more from our chatroom as we'll try to take more calls.

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