Saturday, June 20, 2009

EPISODE130 - Talking 80s Music with Martin Hennessy

This week on Talking 80s Music, we head to Switzerland to talk about the jazz/pop duo Double. Their hit single "Captain Of Her Heart" is possibly one of the most overlooked gems of the decade. If anything, after this you could win the next time you are playing songs back and forth trying to play Who's That Artist? We will remedy that by giving you an overview of their career (playing the aforementioned hit, "Devils Ball" and Kurt Maloo's solo track "Young King") and talk about the latest release, 2006's Kurt Maloo vs Double's Loopy Avenue. Check out more of his projects at

This week we intended to try something new with the chat room. When we call into the show, the song quality is usually lacking (as the Talkshoe system is meant more for human voice.) We planned to attempt a software change and wound up pushing it to next week. The positive changes we are looking for are: 1) better music audio quality 2) allow calls in the middle of the show 3) make the live show as enjoyable as the final version. Our fingers are crossed.

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