Saturday, December 26, 2009

EPISODE157 - Talking 80s Music with Martin Hennessy

This week we celebrated the start of our 4th year of Talking 80s Music. Oddly timed, as it also comes right before the end of this decade. It also marks nearly 30 years since the start of the 1980s. So, we decided to do a countdown of the 25 biggest U.S. singles of the 1980s to commemorate the event. Quite an undertaking and, if anything, Martin has a new respect for Casey Kasem, Shadoe Stevens and anyone else that does countdowns.

To ensure that everything went well, we recorded the countdown earlier so there is a noticeable jump in audio quality. Not much we could do to correct for that. We did this so we could get back to our families to help take down Christmas trees, stockings and all. From all of us, to all of you, have a happy new year!

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