Saturday, January 30, 2010

EPISODE162 - Talking 80s Music with Martin Hennessy

This week on Talking 80s Music, we talked with singer/songwriter Martha Davis of The Motels about her songwriting, recording and a ton of new projects in the works (including her new children's album Red Frog Presents 16 Songs For Parents And Children.) A powerful voice and a sharp pen, Davis has created some amazing hits that are part of our Motels retrospective mix. We also feature a live version of the band's "Closets & Bullets" from 1980.

There are many artists that find themselves hidden behind a band name later in life. You can probably name a bunch of acts that you enjoy that you have no idea who the singer/songwriter behind those songs may be. Just something to think about as we focused on one such artist this week. Next week will be a special call-in episode, so we urge you to find a way to catch it live and interact with the band. I won't print who it is here but you can find out in this latest episode of the show.

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