Saturday, March 06, 2010

EPISODE167 - Talking 80s Music with Martin Hennessy

This week on Talking 80s Music, we celebrate the return of melodic rock act Giant and their new album, Promise Land. There are always songs that you hear and just expect it's another band. This episode gives us a chance to remedy a misconception that Foreigner had a few other hits that didn't make it on their albums. We played two songs ("I'll See You In My Dreams" and "I'm A Believer") from their 1989 debut, Last Of The Runaways, as well as "Believer Redux" and "Promise Land" off their new album (heading to stores next week.)

It's hard to imagine a band sounding like themselves yet changing their vocalist. Ok, sure, Journey did it on their last album but that doesn't happen often while also retaining their services as a writer on 7 and guitarist on 2 tracks. A lot of fun. Only a few hiccups in the live chat room as the live feed had a few spurious moments. Martin has dedicated this episode to his new nephew Leyton Matthew Hennessy born on Friday night.

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