Saturday, December 04, 2010

EPISODE203 - Talking 80s Music with Martin Hennessy

There really isn't anyone else like Ozzy Osbourne.  If you put him on a magazine cover, you'd know exactly what to expect.  He stands among his music peers as someone who has endured and pushed the boundaries of the heavy metal market.  This week, we look at his immense career and the rollercoaster that has been his life.  We play a retrospective mix of his solo work, a live version of "Crazy Train," the album track "Rock 'n' Roll Rebel" and "Crazy Babies" -- one song for each of the guitarists he'd recorded with during the decade.

There's always a first time for a problem.  Today, the SIP lines for Talkshoe were locked up.  What this means in English is that we weren't able to call in to record, let alone start, our show this week.  So, we hung out in the chat room with some of the normal listeners and recorded it later off the air.  The wheels are turning over and over on our side of the screen and we'll come up with a remedy if they don't.

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